Custom orthotics are primarily used to control foot function and “normalize” foot posture.
When foot function is abnormal (eg. Flat feet from collapsed arch), overuse problems may start to occur. These symptoms of overuse can include pain or discomfort in the feet or legs, and can manifest in the hip and the lower back or spine.

Foot orthotics can help control foot motion and prevent many of these symptoms.

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Conditions such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee pain, bunions, patella-femoral syndrome, calluses and a host of other foot problems, leg, knee and postural complaints have all been known to improve with the use of orthotics.

What happens at your appointment?

A history and physical will be taken by your chiropractor to determine if orthotics may be of benefit. If deemed necessary, an impression of your foot is taken and sent to the orthotic manufacturer with specific instructions on the type of orthotic needed to be made for you. The process from start to finish usually takes approximately two weeks.
Once ready, the office will contact you to return for a fitting to ensure the orthotic is manufactured correctly for you.